The Story...

Born on Johannesburg’s East Rand in a hospital that is now dilapidated and more famous for ghost tours than the people born there, Trevor spent most of his life sandwiched between the airport and power station pylons. His childhood home was always filled with the influential sounds of Dire Straits, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Motown artists and other bands from the 1960’s. At an early age, Trevor fell in love with the idea of being a performer and began playing guitar on a beat-up, old acoustic that an uncle had given him. He began writing his own songs and played in your stereotypical high school bands for many years.

In 2007, he took a break from the music scene and, after deciding that it was time to grow up and get a real job, made the snap decision to immigrate to Plymouth, England.

But, the “great escape” wasn’t as glamorous as expected. The perpetual state of solitude led to plenty of forced reflection which influenced Trevor’s music greatly. Armed with no social life, loads of spare time and no band members, he began crafting the beginnings of a solo project and his debut EP “Slow Horses”. Released in August 2013, the EP had 4 singles all of which were playlisted on radio stations across South Africa. He was also one of the first SA artists to write and produce a short film "Slow Horses" comprised of 3 music videos/singles from the EP.

Fast forward 5 years and Trevor has recently released his debut full-length album – “Roadhouse Royalty”. The album has 12 tracks all recorded sporadically from March to August 2017 at High Seas Studios in Johannesburg. Recorded and mixed by Jacques Du Plessis and Adrian Erasmus. Mastered by Jacob van der Westhuizen and produced by Jacques Du Plessis, Adrian Erasmus and Trevor Rebello.

“We really took our time on this album. I spent the past two years writing over 30 songs. We started in March at High Seas going through all the songs and choosing the final tracks that would make the album. We then further pre-produced each song spending days working on each part. With this being my first full length EP, I really wanted to present a body of work that I was absolutely proud of and I think that I have achieved that. The album is more mature and upbeat than my previous EP Slow Horses but also includes some of the sadder and deeper songs that I am known for. I’ve stuck with a fusion of rock, soul, folk, country and gospel with a strong throw back to 70’s/80’s Americana/rock. Roadhouse Royalty is all about being the ‘king’ of your own home. It’s about self-acceptance and appreciation for what you have in life. It’s about feeling comfortable with and proud of where you come from. I love real places and real people who are not pretentious and get up early every day to go and work to support their families. For me, these are the type of people you find at the roadhouses on the East Rand of Johannesburg. Hardworking, real and honest people! Roadhouse Royalty is a throwback to a time when we were younger and life was simpler and a trip to the roadhouse would be the highlight of your week. It’s where you would hang out with your friends and family, maybe hook up with a girl – and for a few moments you would feel like royalty…”

Trevor continues to perform his music either as a solo artist or with his full band. When not playing his own music, he can be found touring the country with Kahn Morbee (The Parlotones) for whom he plays bass guitar and sings back-up vocals.