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The Slow Horses Short Film

"With the Slow Horses EP, I really had a story that I wanted to tell. I had a lot to get off my chest. I wanted to paint a picture of life in your twenties, the decisions you have to make and the relationships you find yourself in. It's impossible to tell this story in one music video. The songs are in a way linked together so making a short film seemed like the right thing to do."

'Slow Horses' is a short film directed by Brett De Vos and based on the music from Trevor Rebello's debut EP. The film follows a typical day in the life of a dysfunctional couple as they make their way through their mundane lifes. It's an exploration of the dynamics within a relationship, the factors or situations that draw people together and push them apart. As the film progresses you see their story from Ricki's perspective, Christina's perspective and then finally the truth.
The film is comprised of three stand alone music videos for the 3 singles from Rebello's EP - Slow Horses, The Love You Sell and Not Getting Any Younger.